Steps – Image by Jemima Pett

Walking on the roads of life,

Meandering through its mundane alleys,

Transgressions aside,

Myriad paths circambulate,

To meet at the steps of time.

I stand at the crossroads,

For I know not which path to take,

I sweep the panorama,

Gaping at what has gone by,

As flashes of my life roll by,

Dreams of Morrow paving paths anew.

Afraid to dither,

But the viaduct of hope beckons me hither,

It tells me,a weary traveller,

To trudge along the stony edifice,

Taking small steps one at a time,

Pace might be slow,

But each step would bring me home.

Someday and sometime,

The journey will end,

As my fatigued feet repose in rest,

I shall find what I seek.

Via: WritePhoto

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