The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS May 29, 2021

Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.”

Everyone has a fetish to collect things.

It is human to be a hoarder. We can’t let go of things that we may no longer be using. We consign it to a corner in the house where spiders make merry in their splendid cobwebs.

I remember in my ancestral house,there was a big and dark attic inside the huge store room. It was deep and not a ray of light could enter it. It contained stuff of three different generations and nobody had ever tried to make an inventory of the things collected in its depths. But it was sacred area and generated by all.

And things were also collected in huge iron trunks. All the blankets,linen etc were carefully collected from various places and preserved for posterity.

And there was something more too!

Silk garments over generations,woolen shawls and wedding trousseau were meticulously aired,ironed and packed in iron trunks with neem leaves to keep the bugs away. And wedding attire deserved all the more attention. So we find many donning what their grandparents wore on their wedding. And vintage clothing is a fashion today.

But what took the icing on the cake is the family jewellery and heirlooms.

They are locked and see the light of day on a rare occasions. They are kept for generations to come and not for those alive.

And one fine day, all this hoarded stuff seems a useless junk and discarded.

So,we should aim to not to collect things but collect memories.

Don’t you agree?


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