#WritePhoto- Money Tree

A Money tree – KL Caley

She walked on her enigmatic quest that would be the panacea to her land’s poverty. The Holy Gods had come in her dream to tell her about the Money Plant, a surreal gift that would bring in prosperity and abundance. She followed the path her Spirits led on,a path of selfless sacrifice to fulfill the needs of her people. Hers was a utopian dream to build a land of plenty. She found the plant,its succulent leaves anointed with a luscious sheen. But a catch was there.
An avarice would lead the plant to shrivel and die.
She took it to her land and it’s seeds planted in all corners. The fruits were shared among the natives equally.
Plenitude and prosperity did not lead to copious greed but a satiated contentment and compassion.
Money Plant proved to be the harbinger of wealth of human empathy and benevolence

Via : WritePhoto

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