A Haibun

I could see the ruins standing resplendent in their stony ardour. Weathered with the vagaries of time,the mossy lichened surface was etched with imprints of Time. Nestled far deep in an expanse of wild foliage, the bare autumn trees paying homage to the tall tower that protruded majestically high up in the sky The arched passage led to the enigmatic times no more. They were the epitome of a bygone era when Nature and Man were one. Man built his ingenious creations in the lap of nature.

And these towers have withstood the Nature’s buffeting for their creators respected Nature. They seem to laugh at us for though we may have conquered the Universe,made huge strides yet we have alienated Nature. We have failed to keep that equilibrium.

No wonder,once a calamity strikes, our houses fall down like nine- pins.

A Calamity,

It took away everything,

I got myself back.

Via :Writephoto

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