Mother’s Day…..

I loved her,

And she loved me all the more.

I cried,

And she cried all the more.

But the dewy pearls only inside seen,

For outside she was all serene.

Her warm embrace,

Her gentle a hug,

A pat on the cheek,

And a ponytail tug,

It made me laugh away all my turmoils.

The halo of her love shone bright,

On dark nights,

As I stumbled and fell.

It formed a silvery path dazzling white,

Showing me the way in the labyrinth of life.

I was lost in the wooded jungle,

Scared with fright.

I was drowning in the melancholic sea of gloom,

That was teeming with soothsayer’s doom.

I was adrift and afloat.

But a tiny voice niggled its way in.

It intimidated my demons,

It shattered my prison cell to smithereens,

It whispered little words into my ear,

It held my hand tight.

It made me smile,

I learnt to live again.

The hand that held me,

It was none other than

my Mother’s.

The mother and its offspring is a tale that crosses all boundaries of species.
A mother loves her baby,her replica. She hovers around it casting a protective sheath.
Her baby is her golden fleece.
She cherishes it,nurtures it.
Her child tells the story of her life

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