#WritePhoto -Swan

Oneness( a haibun)

I walked alone in the lush green forest,a deep silence pervading the landscape. The symphonic rustle of shiny leaves on the trees whispered gently into my ears, a melody that went unheard so often. The tiny blades of grass waltzed as gentle gusts of wind caressed them. The tranquil repose around infused into my turbulent mind extinguishing the fiery flames in my mind’s cauldron.

The peaceful ambience proved to be the swansong of the disquieted mind.

I walked ahead to see a swan being eyed by a ferocious dog. But the arrogant swan just ambled along fearlessly for the dog did not pounce.

Nature coexists in Harmony. I was one with Nature, a tiny speck in the verdant microcosm.

Nature gives solace,

Only healing all wounds deep,

If left unsullied.

Via: Writephoto

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