A Relic ( A haibun)

The cold metallic relic stood amidst the verdant fields lush and fluorescent green after the first showers of the rain. The tangerine and terracotta shaded colours of the relic glistened flamboyantly in the warm sunlight. Time had gone still for its type. It paid homage to a species so powerful that once ruled the planet but now lost. Its remains existed in the stratified reams of cold rocks,calcified and hardened to mark its imprint. It gave wings to the imagination of creators to envisage and create the replicas of the powerful dinosaur species. Their tale teaches us a lesson. We may be omnipotent but we cannot be omnipresent. Only Nature is omnificent and omniscient.
Nature paints blitzkrieg
defiled by covetous souls-
That mock at its love.

Via :Writephoto

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