# Writephoto- Neptune

Neptune Image by KL CALEY
With Sue’s permission, KL Caley has taken on to carry on the tradition of the Thursday #WritePhoto Challenge.

And we all are grateful to her for it!

You could hear her sing to the tune of the falling raindrops.

She was trying to fight your darkness with her light.

But you ran for cover,

When she opened up her skies.

She made her thunder silent,

Shrouding her tremulous tear,

She devoted her life to you,

And filled your life with sunshine eternal.

You never understood,

That she was born to be as bold as the rainstorm.

She could not be controlled.

And nothing ever beautiful,

Would grow without her tender touch!

A fiery Neptune,

But still the doyen of all hearts.

Via: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/03/18/writephoto-neptune/

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