Thursday photo prompt: Bells #writephoto( a repost)

A haibun

The vernal bloom was in full blossom. The air was fresh and crisp with a heady fragrance all around. The tall trees majestically loomed up high to meet the blue skies and watched happily the earth below lush and pristine. The base of dark brown trunks was ensheathed in a colourful carpet of blue bells. The azure and little purple flowers,now heedless and windswept, frolicked merrily. An infinite expanse of blue stretched beyond. Tremulous and fragile, they danced in a dainty symphony with the gentle breeze.Countless in myriad shades of blue,it was an entrancing sight. But no eyes to see the magic unfold.
Nature’s magic be,
Lost long under Man’s regime,
Now returns uncurbed.


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