Thursday photo prompt: Storm #writephoto( a repost)

As I step inside the stony monolith atop the green hill, I am entranced. The dark grey clouds above seemed to echo its sombre appearance.
Each stone has a story to tell.

They are worn out for they have stood the brunt of time.
Some have been ravaged by mother Nature.
And some by the hand that created them.

Each block was painstakingly worked upon, laboriously fashioned, technically precisioned and splendidly embellished.

It was a labour of love, passion and opulence.
But man has always been a marauder.

He loves to loot and plunder and fill his coffers.
The stones wreathed in agony as they were wedged through with chisels and hammers and all their finery stripped apart.

Their sheen was now hued by the blood of the race that had stupefied them in grandeur and bestowed on them the majestic aura.
The monuments were now a pale silhouette, starkly widowed and plundered. .
But Time is a great Leveller.
Aeons passed.
Many bugles were blown and death knells sounded.
Blood was again splattered on the monoliths giving them a darker hue.
They were again ripped and plundered.
An ominous silence of death and a shroud of despair hangs through them.
They tell us a story.
They have always tried to teach us.

The mighty emperors who once ruled with aplomb now lie buried in dust in a humble tomb somewhere in the ruins.
Once here the fountains danced, music played and the sunlight broke into different hues as it refracted and reflected through its stones and myriad glasses.
But now the cobwebs hang from the roofs. The only denizens of this imposing structure are the cooing pigeons who have found a safe cocoon in its cracks and crevices. The sunlight shafts in through the narrow openings.
It is dark,dreary and lifeless, a painful reminiscence of its imposing grandeur.

We still love to plunder and destroy.
Why can’t we live in peace ?
Why can’t we make an effort to preserve and improve on what has been bestowed on us?
We keep on shedding blood but we forget that we all belong to one Mother Earth.
We are all alike and there is one Universal Supreme Force.
When will we learn to be human, uphold the dignity of mankind and fraternity of brotherhood .

The storm that has been raging for centuries has never abated.

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