Thursday photo prompt: Appointed #writephoto

On a hot summer day , the sun beat down its sharp rays with a deep frown,the blue of the sky all the more radiant in its resplendent shine.The birds did not fly high but sang requiems perched on a shaded canopy of green.Their song did not echo for the zest there was none.The earth is raging hot letting out its vent on those still intent on tampering with it’s lot.

My mind swims with a nostalgia of times of times yore when the summer was a time of chirping birds and fun.We would run amok in the shady wild challenging the sun to subdue us with it’s might.Sunny days were glorious sunsets with the wisps of gentle breeze.And the earth did not seem aridly doomed for the big trees gave us cool with their leafy bloom as the the twitter of birds culminated into a melodic symphony.The afternoon siesta in the long days made the sweaty slumber a craze.Revelling on windy terrace in the cool night under the canopy of stars, many yarns were woven of lands near and far.They were days of pure fun when nothing could impede the joy of being out on a run.

And now I sit huddled in a corner fuming and fretting galore as the angry sun pelts down fiery rays that singe you red.

And the lone crow apsits on dried up branches crowing an elegy to the summers that are no more!

What have we done to our mother earth to earn so much wrath?

Why can’t we turn the clock to bring back those glorious summer days that we all loved.

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