Thursday photo prompt: Tokens #writephoto

I have written a haibun on the prompt.

The grassy patch was a nondescript part of the wild green that dotted the landscape. If you would pass by,you would hardly give it a second look. But if you would give it a careful perusal,you will find a hidden artist working his magic on Nature’s canvas. The invisible hand had used his feathery quill to paint a variegated splash of vivid colours on the canvas of green leaf. He used the telluric colours to infuse life into his work. The stony palate dotted with flamboyant red of the earth gave him his colours. And the mossy lichened rock eyed him beadily in admiration.

It was the vanguard of this enigmatic work of art.
Nature’s art sublime,
Unparalleled in beauty,
For none to defile.


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