An acceptance

The question that we all ask at all times is that when it will end?

When shall we get back our freedom?

When shall we move about uninhibited?

When shall we stop eying the other person with scepticism?

When shall we give up our obsessive cleanliness disorder?

The massive upheaval has left us bewildered.

Caged at home and still caged when we go out!

When shall we feel the wisps of gentle air fanning our face?

Masked and shielded,we have lost our faces in the sea of humanity.

And those locked up at home,they devise ways to keep themselves busy and work like maniacs.

And some just think of ways to keep the cauldron boiling so that there is some noise and sizzle and they have something to do.

Its nearly five months since the hell has broke loose.

A weary fatigue is setting in.

Tired of being careful and anxious all the time, I just want to fly free with abandon.

I recall with nostalgia a late night sortie in the month of March.

I deliberately missed my stop and travelled to the last station in the local and came back just for fun.

It was late and train was empty.

And then walked home from the station after making a detour to grab an ice-cream in the middle of the night.

And now I dread even going to my favourite stores that have opened up and keep sending me messages of enticing offers.

I loved to browse through stores sifting through lovely dresses and trying the bags and shoes!

All this seems like a dream now.

And the rains have come!

But my favourite street foods are no more!

I sing requiems in their honour as I miss their sizzling fragrance and tingling taste.

When that crispy poori filled with spicy chutneys comes out of the pot cool and tangy,it is the seventh heaven.

Gone are those days!

And only God knows whether they will ever come back or become stories on pages of history!

And I remember reading somewhere that it was foolhardy to wait for good old days to come back.

You can remember them and tell their tales as once upon a time..

Embrace what is today and adapt to what it throws.

It is simply accepting and learning to live a new way.
It will take a lot of courage and patience and days of longing will happen.

But we will get used to it and take it in our stride.

Stay positive and stay strong!

And to err is human.

I still long for those carefree days.


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