An Ode to my Father

This is a repost.

I had written this last year but I happened to read it and I want to share it once again for it is close to my heart.💕💕

My Father,

My best friend!

My unswerving teacher,

You taught me with love,

All that I know.

You taught me life,

Taught me to hold my real Me,

In times of joy and adversity.

You dried my copious tears so many,

Soothed away my fears so zany,

Holding my hand all along.

I recall the the ice cream treats,

And the ice cream moustache on my face,

It made you crinkle and smile.

The midnight card marathon,

The intense battle,

It set the adrenalin pumping.

You bequeathed me a legacy,

You were a dreamer,

You held them close.

I see that in me.

I hold onto myself in a crowd,

Nursing my dreams.

I am in my inner coccoon,

As I let the world rumble.

I am at peace for you showed me so.

I was a buttercup,

That shrivelled at slightest wind,

But you made me brave to weather all storms,

I know I shall float along.

You fired my pen,

Telling me words new,

Reading my first verse with pride immense.

I write now for you taught me so,

I write,

But the words are yours.

You are there not with me any more,

But your wide eyes smiling onto me,

Still follow me all the more.

My Father,

My best Friend!

You are at my side I know!

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