Not known

What days are these?

Each day comes with figures surging of people afflicted and dying.

One cyclone devastated lands and another followed soon.

The earth rumbles and trembles too.

Now only a deluge is awaited.

And young people full of life and reaping success taking their lives !

My heart trembles.

We as a human race have seriously gone wrong some where.

We need to ask some questions.

When the whole world is battling for survival,there is no empathy.

The suffering people have no solace for we have lost compassion.

And even dead have lost their right of a decent send-off.

Where are we heading for?

Is this a wake up call to us, a warning from Powers of Universe to mend our ways.

But will we learn?

The answer is not known.

10 thoughts on “Not known”

  1. The world is broken indeed. Every time I look at the news or social media, my heart breaks and I feel so overwhelmed. I truly belive this is because of the presence of sin and evil in the world. I find my only hope in the presence of God.

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  2. Your questions echo my thoughts. I keep asking this question and have only come to realise we are paying for all our wrong doings across the years. But the sad part is, we still haven’t learnt out lessons. Indeed man is a very poor student in the examination of life.

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