Fate,an enigma,
An answer untold,
Unforseen and unexpected.
We wish to chart our own paths,
But the paths we tread on,
We strive to acquire,
But the mighty hand chooses all,
It decides to dole out what it deems fit.
You rave and rant,
But it just shrugs off the rancour,
With a haughty disdain.
You wonder what will happen,
You are naive to the quirks of fate.
The time line of no use,
Each second, each minute,
Each day ,each year,
They are cryptically planned,
You cannot rewrite destiny,
What shall be,will be!
Sceptically,you stare into past to find your future,
You knock at God men’s doors,
Trying to salvage some,
You even let the hoary parrot to be your sooth-sayer,
You buy concoctions and beads,
But the omnipotent sleigher,
It jests with you,
Drawing your caricatures,
Mocking at the parody of life.
And you watch stupefied,
Dancing in a trance,
To the symphony of fate.

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