Lockdown Day 62

The new normal code is now inculcated in our systems.

Days roll on in a chronological sequence but time has stood still.

We have done all new things possible to while away time.

The carefree mingling and rambling seems to have been consigned to history.

The surging crowds have been deluged in the invisible surge.

There is fear in eyes and a strong trepidation if someone is in proximity.

No man is an island.

What an irony!

We are now small and indistinct islands floating in the Pandemic Sea.

All fun and frolic have finished.

Those days are part of another lifetime!

We are all trying to hoodwink the virus and keep ourselves and our families safe.

Corona is a great Leveller.

It has no prejudices.

It treats all its benefactors alike.

So just try to remain safe and healthy!

This too shall pass.

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