Lockdown Day 51

So many days have passed and the storm has not blown over yet.

We are in the eye of storm as numbers surge.

Life is going to be different and difficult and restrained.

And there are going to be more hungry mouths and poor.

We are at a war but the enemy is unseen.

We have done all new things to keep ourselves occupied.

And they now seem taxing.

We all our longing in our hearts to return to the hustle and bustle,loud noises and crowds of people.

Our hearts are clamouring for the freedom to roam free and throng again our favourite haunts.

It may happen after some months but it would be a cloistered and inhibited affair.

Life would not be same again.

2020 may prove to be an epoch year that would inculcate new habits and lifestyles bringing a curtain to a way of life that we are all used to. The things that we took for granted just vanished overnight.

Some places have opened up with the sword of Damocles hanging!

The days are difficult but they shall pass.

Meanwhile, let’s just keep up our morales and pray for safety of mankind.

Stay home and stay safe!

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