Thursday photo prompt: Causeway #writephoto

Alone I stood,

Stone hearted,

Weathered by vagaries of time.

Around me an enticing diaspora,

Leaving me untouched.

The canopy above,

Suffused with warm blues,

Sheathed me with a clouded grey.

The lucid aquamarine surf,

Enthralled with Nature’s hues,

Gambolled in a merry mirth,

Rising to crash in a symphony.

The silvery surf on a languorous blue,

It mocked at me,

For I just stood glued,

Rooted to my past,

So much so,

Just refusing to let it go.

The silvery surf,

It was a brave heart,

It traversed the unknown,

It fearlessly crashed into the brown sands,

Taking it along ,

And leaving some behind,

A repository of untold thought.

And I,

Just looked on.

I watched the rocky land,

Jutting into the seas,

Trying to reach me,

To be my friend.

But I,

I did not hold that hand,

And I just looked on,


I was,

A lone island.


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