Lockdown Day 44

The days are being ticked off and the numbers are many.

It is just like floating in a lacuna with no sense of time.

Days begin and end in the same manner in a rhythmical clockwork mechanism.

The new normal has become abohorrent.

I rant to myself to let out steam.

I go to the building terrace for some air but the weather is also clammy.

I close my eyes and think about the breezy walks on the sea-side promenade with the sun setting in its blazing beauty.

It improves my mood.

I bang the utensils less as I wash them😃.

I sit in my cozy corner and read Little Women with a cup of strong coffee.

I have started re- reading Classics and enjoying them.

I have finished The Wuthering Heights.

Let’s see how many I can catch up on.

It helps me de-stress.

Stay home and stay safe.

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