Lockdown Days 32;33;&34

I could not put down the last three days because I had slipped and hurt myself.

So many days in confinement make me wonder of the times when I used to step out at the slightest excuse.

I loved just walking through sometimes bustling and sometimes empty roads watching the avid shoppers and noisy shopkeepers and bright shop windows alluring me with their glossy display.

I miss my ice-cream haunt and sumptuous salads at the salad bar.

And my salon and spa!

Not to forget the week – end movies and even the TV has gone silent. Only Covid-19 news blare aloud.

All these treats seem to belong to another life.

Returning to the old life will not happen so soon. There will be a fear that would stalk us.

I am even playing the hair – cutter and did a decent amateur job.

The days are hot and balmy making you feel languid.

All you want is to catch a wink but the work does not end.

Washing,cleaning and santising.

The process is repeated countless times.

My hands protest but the obsessive clean freak in me is a hard taskmaster

The days of lockdown has made us all self- dependant.

Maybe something good will happen after all this ordeal!

Stay home and stay safe!

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