Lockdown Day 30

Today we complete a month of lockdown.

I read this saying somewhere this morning:

No man is an island.

But nowadays we are all scattered islands in the stormy sea of humanity.

Walking amidst the crowds of city, one used to get lost but still there was an anonymous bond amongst the bustling sea of people walking to their destinations in tandem. The nameless face before you somehow struck a chord for you were fellow travellers.

And now crowds have been dispersed and that nameless bond has evaporated into a thin air.

For some lockdown is a time treasured to spend with loved ones and make memories.

Each day is fun!

And for others it is a dread where there is wrath, manipulations and abuse.

Each house has a story to tell behind those closed doors.

There are seniors who are braving the ordeal bravely and looking after themselves.

And there are others who are all wallflowers and creating trouble.

Some are proactive while others procrastinate and refuse to move their butts.

Working from home seems no longer enticing for there are no fixed hours and work goes on late.

But internet speed is super fast now.

And to celebrate the occasion,I have made a healthy oats and carrot Greek yogurt parfait with cream cheese and quinoa. Recipe my own for it is hot and I have run out of fruits and vegetables. (I will share pic tomorrow)

Buying and sanitising supplies seems a Herculean task and I am just pushing it to the last!

But I am the end of my last of tomatoes!

Stay home and stay safe!

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