Lockdown Day 28

Nearly a month of long confinement is over.

I can proudly pat on my back for adhering to it .l have stepped out twice only for essentials.

There have been some bad times when I have felt stifled and overwhelmed.

But I have managed to sail through them and now I feel that I have developed more patience and fortitude. You realise that you are doing it for your safety.

And the post – Covid-19 world still haunts my thoughts. If you go through the pages of history,you realise that every century is rocked by events that change the existing paradigms,render many institutions and philosophies redundant for they pave the way for change to let new ideologies take root and usher in a new world.

Our times have been one of exuberant ease and extravagant excesses. Maybe this is a clarion call for change, a change that would shape times to come.

And as always, it is the poor and downtrodden who would bear the brunt.

There would more poverty, malnutrition and income disparities. And we have to join hands to be compassionate to all the people in need.

I take solace from the wise sayings from Bhagwad Geeta.

It says:” The wise work for the welfare of the world without thought for themselves.”

And also:

“Whatever happened was good,
What’s happening,its going well,
Whatever will happen will also be good,
You need not have any regards from the past,
Do not worry about the future,
Live in the present.”

And the present demands that we Stay at home and Stay safe.

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