Lockdown Day 27

Days are flying by meaninglessly. Its like you are stranded in a deep pit with no way out. And an eerie feeling of stillness persists.

And the hot weather is also sapping the energy. Its like you are drowned in your own sweat as you work around the house.

But ranting will not solve the issues.

So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to meditate for some time. It placated me and helped me shed the angst.

And I thanked God for protecting me as I sit comfortably in my home with well stocked larder. For every day we hear of people not having food for days as hunger becomes rampant with loss of jobs and livelihoods.

A post Covid-19 world would be a world of scared and terrified people,more people mired in poverty and more hungry mouths propelling less forbearance and inciting wrath.

My heart trembles at the scenario.

I pray to God to heal both the body and mind and soul.

The battered humanity is in a dire need of His healing touch!🙏🙏

Stay Home and stay safe!

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