Lockdown Day 26

All days seem the same. Dates and days have lost their relevance.

As the pause button on our lives is pressed, the days that we lived seemed like a halycon vision now remote.

It seems that time has been frozen still, a scene from a grotesque tale.

And I wonder how we will come out of it.

I picture a scenario that maybe after being confined for so long ,people would start resuming their old lives,living it up all the more and being more bohemian and unrestrained. They would shrug off the pandemic as a bad dream that has been done away with.

Or, they may learn their lessons to the heart.

They may take this experience to reform themselves and try to be better people and create a better world.

Social Distancing will be a part of our lives for some time.

And the fear of crowds would be a new phobia. Scientists would have to coin a new word for this fear.

And I think those who live in small towns with ample spaces would lead better lives than those living in big crowded cities. A reverse migration may happen.

Covid-19 has bought us to the cusp of a new lifestyle dismantling the existing set-ups and ushering a new paradigm of life.

Stay home and stay safe!

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