Lockdown Day 20

The day began as usual with the flurry of household activity. I break the drudgery by putting on some favourite tunes and finish the jobs mindlessly. My mind seems in a limbo.

I am running out of coffee which I have not been able to find in my grocery shopping trips.

I am thinking of using it more carefully.

These are such strange times!

We have always been used to getting what we want. So cutting corners and being thrifty and saving things or rationing were never a part of our lives.

This pandemic has left a bitter trail everywhere.

It is a raging inferno consuming all that comes in its way, laughing at us ,mocking us for our naivete. We have not been able to subjugate it so far.

Trials are on but in that time,the tiny virus has gone viral to break the human network!

Lockdown has been extended.

So more days of confinement are in store.

I should find some new activity.

Stay home and stay safe!

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