Lockdown Day 12

A usual day.

I stir fried some veggies and

grilled tofu and seasoned it spicy.

The whole family sat down together catching up. Old albums which had been consigned to some forgotten conner were dug out.

It was fun going over those albums,rekindling old memories and lot of nostalgia. How the time had flown? Many people in the photos were no more and we fondly remembered them.

Now we have infinite photos on our devices, meaningless selfies and an image for every mood and occassion.

Pouring through the ancient albums,we laughed how we used to ration the photos to be clicked for fear of finishing the roll. And the scramble to the photo shop for developing the roll.

And when they used to come, they were meticulously filed in the album after dusting them with a dash of talcum.

Also each photo was neatly chronicled on its back with the information of the date and occassion.

Now all this is history!

We watched a movie together.

I took up some coffee and whisked it.

Dalgona coffee is trending these days.

But I remember my childhood days when suiting in the quilt in the North India winter, we used to take turns to whisk the coffee creamy white and savour the cuppa hot in our beds. It was called phantehui- coffee in Hindi meaning whisked coffee.

This is my cuppa:

I remember writing few lines on my favourite beverage some time ago.

I am sharing it with you all.

Enjoy your Cuppa too😀😊

As I submerge in the stream of its heady fragrance.

I muse over trivia,

I talk to myself seeing through the life’s mesh,

I try to find me in that cup of life.

It is nirvana,

It is my Eureka moment,

It is my time for me,

Coffee,without you,

I would not be me!

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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