Lockdown Day 10 and 11

I have settled into a routine.

Getting up…



Washing …


Things crossed out..

No workout because no energy left.

No Television because only repeat serials are on.

No WhatsApp because everyone is sending useless Forwards.

No Instagram because people are posting their stories doing their household chores.

What is so great about it?

No walks because we are under a lockdown.

But yesterday I went to the grocer and saw a woman walking out furiously on the empty road.

I was angry at her.

I am catching up on my reading and writing too.

It is what keeping me sane.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!


2 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 10 and 11”

  1. We are in Day 13. We are in a 14 day self isolation having come back to Canada from the US. Monday I will go out for groceries. But other than that we will continue as we have been. We can walk in our neighborhood because we live in the country and there are trails within walking distance of our home. I can understand that for you not being able to get time outside must be very hard. But keep up the blog posts. I am interested to know how you are doing.

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