Lockdown Day 9

Life goes on.

It’s becoming warmer.

Summer is knocking at the door. Its time to be at the seaside enjoying the crisp breeze that gently blows away all the cobwebs.

I remember the palms swaying in the wind,their leaves frolicking merrily. The waves coming from afar lapping on the dark rocks softly come to my mind.

Where the tide has ebbed,it leaves a glossy trail on freshly washed rocks and makes small puddles in between the rocks in which little orange fishes can be seen.

The fishing boats rest on the land with their nets sprawling all way.

There are health freaks walking with gusto. Older people sit in their groups catching up. And some couples too brewing up their romance.

And on the weekends,there are singers with their guitars belting out melodies.

And not to miss the gang of dancers practising hip-hop and other forms with aplomb as we admire them.

And the sound of drums being played in perfect percussion in the late evening makes your heart go tango.

It is a microcosm of life.

All are strangers. But a genial bond of invisible camaraderie prevails.

Such is the magic of the evening by the sea.

I recall and smile.

Those days will come back soon.

This will blow over.

Another beautiful quote from Bhagwad Geeta:

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”
Stay home and Stay safe.


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