Lockdown Day 6 and 7

We live in an alien world. This is not our place teeming with hustle and bustle. There is no war nor a fight. But the fear is palpable. A sad veil has fallen over the landscape. Even the Gods have shut their doors on the mankind.

Epidemics and pandemics were never a part of this generation. The scourges belonged to another era. Our grandparents used to tell us tales of their time.

Man was striding ahead arrogant. We were invincible and omnipotent. We were conquering the Universe and lost our own.

We transgressed all rules of co-existence as we subjugated the rest of Nature’s beings,killing them, encroaching on their spaces and even making some extinct.

Maybe they all joined hands to seek revenge! And a tiny microbe burst our bubble.

It is a raging inferno which would take many victims until a vaccine is found.

And being locked down in your own house is a weird feeling. People have put inspirational posts that it gives them quality time, catch up on self etc. Celebrities garner publicity by putting Instagram stories of doing household chores. But deep in our hearts,we all miss the outside world.

Praying that this confinement would end soon!

Stay home and Stay Safe

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