What Day is it Anyway? Friday, March 27th, 2020

Today was day Three.

I got up a bit late and did my morning prayers.

Catching up with friends over WhatsApp over a cup of tea cheered me up. We sent each other stupid emojis and laughed. It was an emoji battle,silly and childish. But everyone wanted a diversion, a reprieve from all that was going on around.

I had promised myself to remain positive,come what may.

Morning flew attending to household chores. I lost count of the dishes I did.

But I wanted to have some fun. I made exotic but healthy cutlets with the ingredients I had using my imagination.

I had a bottle-gourd in my fridge which no one wanted to have. I tossed some brown rice,some lentils and peas and boiled them all. Mashing the mixture fine in the blender,added some crunch and turned out scrumptious cutlets.

Evening time,I raided the attic to find a Cross- Word and Scrabble board games. And it was fun playing them with family. We had not done so in ages. We laughed and fought and cheated too.

And the cuckoo sang today for the first time heralding spring.

But we are all cooped inside.

I envied the bird and the crows frolicking on the tree outside. I watched the squirrel merrily jumping on the branch.

At night craving ice-cream, I did it with a twist. I had a good amount of yoghurt. I mashed the last ripe bananas and an apple,dashed it with some honey and cinnamon and mixed it with yoghurt and topped it with some nuts.

A gourmet dessert was done!

Overall a better day!

With a promise to remain cheerful I want to end the day.

It is going to be a long confinement for it is being suspected that the authorities might have to extend the lockdown.

Stay home and stay safe!



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