What Day is it Anyway, Wednesday,March 25th, 2020

Day one# 21 Day Lockdown.

Officially,today is day one.

But it started on Sunday.

We all are dazed and trying to come to terms with it.

Its strange.

No door- bells.

No papers.

No honking.

And no evening walks by the bay.

And no house- help.

I am the cook,the cleaner, the laundry incharge.

The work – out is done.

And to add to it,the dash to the super – market,the grocer,the pharmacy,the fruit and vegetable vendor.

It has taken its toll.

My back belt had to be taken out.

I am braving it.

As the days pass, it will sink in.

But it’s eerie.

You look out and see a stifling silence.

It looks as if an invisible force has sucked out life and left a lacuna. It is a scene straight out from some horror sci-fi.

Let’s all pray that this pandemic ceases and our lives return to normal.

My heart goes out to the poor and needy and so many who earn daily wages. We can afford to rush to the shops and hoard our supplies.

What about such people?

It has turned out lives upside down. For them it must be catastrophic.

Stay home and stay safe!

May God protect us all!🙏🙏

Via: https://lindaghill.com/2020/03/24/what-day-is-it-anyway-tuesday-march-24th-2020/

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