A Prayer( a haibun)

We all await with a baited breath afraid and full of fear.

Awaiting the apocalypse,it all seems to be happening somewhere far- fetched. It is more likely a movie of doomsday playing.

We had read about plagues and epidemics in past times.

It could not happen to us. We are the millennials,the natives of all powerful X,Y and Z generation. We have the world at our fingertips. But Nature and Time are great levellers. It maintains an equilibrium,output being equal to input. We have taken from Nature with impunity,spoilt it and denigrated it. It’s payback time. A microscopic particle has shaken our societies to the roots,hurting the economies and destroying the teeming social fabric. We all only pray that it is over soon.

Pray to calm Nature,
Promise to rear it with love,
Nature will listen.

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