The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 14/2020

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wire.” Use “wire” as a noun or a verb or any way you’d like

A wireless world!

A utopian dream come true!

We have more power at the tip of our fingers. A tap and the whole world opens up. Just ask the Google anything.

It is the God of our times.

But my mind still remembers fondly the days gone by.

The television antennas used to stand tall on the terrace with their dark thick wires dangling all the way down the house. During the summer storms,the gutsy gales bought down the antennas throwing the wires into a disarray and disrupting the television programs. And the next morning,all of us used to meticulously untangle the long wire and industriously set to restore the connection.

And when the job was done, we all used to sit together happily and enjoy the programmes over scrumptious snacks and savouries.

Now you just click on an app or tell Alexa to see your programme.

The ease of doing things has deprived us taking pleasure in simple joys of life.

Life may be more advanced now. But somehow less complicated,it was more worth living.


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