Play Of Time

You spend years of life,

Years of life that go by,

Years that you dreamt of,

Years that you cherished with dreams of life.

Years roll by,

All in a silent cacophony,

The nimble tread of time,

You failed to hear it’s chimes,

It eavesdropped,

It knew your secret desires.

But the stealthy elf,

It stole them all away.

You look on in,

A mute stupor,

As it jests and mocks,

What once was dear.

And you wonder,

Where life went,

What happened to the spirited plans?

They just blew into thin air.

It may be a figment of imagination.

But a tiny seed,

Dormant in the crevices of heart,

Awaiting to rupture,

Hidden deep,

Cloistered from the ravages of time.


Maybe someday in distant days,

That seed would blossom,

Pervading fragrance,

Disseminating hues.

And Time,

It would befriend me!

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