Fly unbidden

When mind is in a state of suspended animation,

Let your thoughts flow far and wide,

Open the doors,

Unlock the windows,

See far and hear more.

Let new imprints be drawn on the blank canvas,

Let new decibels be recorded in the archives.

A flurry of thoughts,

A downpour of emotions,

Leaves you confused.

Let your mind and heart go in tandem,

You will keep some,

And let go of others.

As you wipe off old rancours, You will write anew on a clean slate.

Let your inner voice lead you out of the labyrinth,

For outside it’s a sunny day,

And fragrant roses bloom.

Sway and swirl with the sounds in the air.

Let yourself fly unbidden.

Dance to the chimes of ever-changing winds,

Let your dreams carry you aloft,

Till you touch the stars and reach the moon

Dance to the chimes
of the ever-changing winds.

And let your dreams carry you aloft to touch the moon.

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