Thursday photo prompt: Still #writephoto

A snowy, glassy cage had captured me in,

But now it stands cracked.

Lines so finely etched,

Making me marvel,

All the more.

The sun is out,

Prancing on a sea of blue,

Amidst the wisps of pristine white,

That float softly around.

Blizzards have simmered down,

Their ego hushed by the Vernal Charm.

The gentle breeze rustles up a symphony,

Playing with new lush leaves all around,

Trying to bolt all the jarring sounds around.

The king fisher frolics amidst the green patch,

As it plays with tiny blooms blushing.

It is happy and serene,

As it prances and preens,

As the little bird frolics by.

The cuckoo is back,

Singing its melancholy melody,

That echoes and resonates.

A song,


Lilting,stirring, blending,

Spreading tranquility unfeigned,

A bliss.
I let the melody seep in,

I let the serene joy pervade my soul.

I look at the vernal bloom,

And it dispels all my gloom.

I open my mind and heart,

To give it a vernal purge.

I let the sunshine to lighten up the gloom,

I let the wind blow the dreary cobwebs away.

The vernal magic,

It unmeshes the plethora of thoughts,

I feel anew,

I love afresh,

I smile the Spring Smile

And all is well.


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