Thursday Photo Prompt#Choice#writephoto

A Haibun

I stood on the cliff watching the crystal clear waters of the brook dancing merrily down the slope. On the cold wintry morning,as the trees shivered,they carefully preserved their green leaves and looked morosely at the brown grass. The harsh winter had shorn it of its verdant splendor. They took solace from the dancing brook that was brimming with life. And it was evident by the lush green moss on the stones in its middle that were washed by its blue waters. The stones connected the two ends, a viaduct of hope for those standing at the opposite banks. They had no choice but to passively watch their life roll by. Life is not kind to those who stand inaminated.

And the bubbling brook meandered along to find new valleys and water new lands.
Bubbling with hope bright,
Unfrozen,uncached and brave,
That would tame the tides.

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