The silent knock

The world tells me that I am wrong,

Then you will knock on my door softly.


The soft knock,

It rustles up a wave in me,

Of crests and troughs.

I oscillate to and fro,

Trying to fathom the flow.

I hit a dead end,

I rebound back,

Not to bend but to transcend,

I rise high,

For I vouchsafe for I what I believe in.

But they will still tell me,

That I am wrong,

You will again knock on my door,

Telling me to think afore.

I will pay heed to your silent knocks,

I will try to unravel the conundrum,

I will refine more,

But never give up on the core.

I will always listen to your silent knocks

As they reverberate through my soul.

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