I shall do

Like a sea in tempest,
My soul reverberated with plans,
Daring and dull,

Steering my life’s hull.
Drifting through untested seas,

Taming the tempests,

Battling my stars,
I surfed ahead in a frenzy untold.

A zombie caught in its vicious hold.
Weathered and weary,
Wanting a respite,
All I desired was to stand and stare.

I ran round and round
But nothing was to be found.

I was everywhere,
In all the places at all times,
But reached nowhere.
I tried to solve the puzzle,
But lost myself in the maze.

Now I flow with the tide,
And take each day as it comes.

Now will soon be history,
For tomorrow will soon be begun,

I shall do what was left undone.

4 thoughts on “I shall do”

  1. I would like to share this, credit given to you (though I can tell by your writing that you don’t worry yourself much with accolades). 🙂 If you have objections, please let me know.. thanks and Cheers to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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