We did it! Just Jot it January 2020 edition

January has ended and with it the JusoJan challenge conducted by Linda G. Hill

Each day was an interesting challenge.

But it did wonders for me.

I was going through a dry,stagnating phase when words just refused to come out. A forced sabbatical was thrust upon me.

As the new year dawned, I found myself scrolling through my news feed consoling myself by reading the posts and wondering when I would post mine.

And lo and behold! I found this challenge. I started from 4 th Jan and the first prompt was stream of consciousness using ” ow”. I sat down determined to pen whatever struck me. I assured myself that the rules stated that we had to just jot down anything. Even a grocery list would do and that got me started.

Each day new prompts set me interplaying with words and juggling different combinations and permutations.

Some prompts instigated a deep contemplation and life thought helping me to come to terms with life itself.

There were some like scrumptious that prompted to write my own dilemma. It made me laugh as I recounted my fight with scale. You can read it here( https://wp.me/p93zQi-y8)

One -liner Wednesday was a challenge to churn out evocative crisp and succinct messages.

The SOCS gave a free reign to my imagination,simply letting go of myself and riding a wild horse at a break – neck speed.

Though it involved some hard thinking,but I enjoyed every day of it.

And I can pat myself on back for breaking the glass ceiling of writer’ s block.

Thank you Linda G. Hill and everyone of you wonderful people who read and appreciated my work for giving me this chance!

Via: https://lindaghill.com/2020/02/02/we-did-it-just-jot-it-january-2020-edition/

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