Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 30th, 2020

Today’s prompt comes to us compliments of Lauren. Thank you, Lauren!

Lauren. Thank you, Lauren!

‘Your prompt for JusJoJan January 30th, 2020, is “finished.” Use the word “finished” any way you’d like’

I dream to see a dream.

what I want to be,

But could not be.

It is what I desire ,

But it was not the part of my repertoire.

It is the place unseen.

It is the place not been.

It is an enigma beyond the stars.

It is an endless quest of tasks not finished,

Faces unseen, lands unknown,

They beckon me to a grey zone.

Everything is so hazy and dark.

I get lost in the maze of thought.

I came to face all my fears and my flaws.

They jest in applause.

I stutter and fumble.

I shriek and shudder.

I hate the incessant thunder.

I run into a cocoon of solace and repose.

I cannot fathom the turn of the tides,

They are kind too at times,

As they take me to happy lands hidden,

I sing with spontaneous mirth unbidden,

I see all the things I lust for,

I meet the souls I love,

I fulfils the goals I set.

I am satiated in a smiling slumber,

The sun’s errant rays peep through my dark curtains,

I wake up rubbing my eyes in disbelief,

Sieving the chaffs of truth from the grains of distant dreams.

I go about the humdrum,

I wait to live my dream.

I wait to reach the realm serene.



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