Wednesday Workout#4. #29 January,2020

What happens when you try a fine day?

They creak and rumble.

The muscles get jammed and refuse to let go of their prolonged state of blissful inertia.

Your tyres flounce around angrily as you try to decimate them.

You are all set up and charged.

You have found your old yoga mat from the dusty corner in the attic where it had been relegated to and forgotten.

You have scrubbed it hard and set it bright and afresh.

Your leotards are also found from some obscure corner.

And the sports shoes also aired.

You smile and nod to yourself.

How exhilarating it seems to lie down and pay obeisance to mother earth!

The flouncy bed had make me forgotten the joy!

I did the warm-ups slow and steady.

My breath was heavy.

I took a sip of water and resumed.

And as I started with the first stretch, my arms refused to go up much and the spine creaked under the arch.

I cried aloud and fell flat on my face.

What an ignominy!

And as I started on the lower body, my legs just touched a pathetic 30 degree when I had to make a 90 degree.

Sweat was trickling down and I was all huffed and puffed.

But I did not give up.

I tried out a cross stretch in enthusiasm.

And to my misfortune,my leg and hand got jammed as the muscles had locked up.

I let out a loud shriek of help.

My daughter rushed in and helped me untangle myself and admonishing me all along.

I was ashamed and all red.

I cursed myself for procrastinating all these years.

I had spent wallowing in laziness and always look for an excuse to celebrate my laziness.

I longed to dunk in my soft bed all the time.

And now my muscles and bones refuse to budge

Maybe, I should have gotten up from my reverie a bit earlier.

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