Wednesday Workout#4,22Jan,2020.

As your heart palpitates,beads of sweat drop from your forehead and your cheeks suffused red, you are in an euphoric state. With all your nerves tingling and powered,you are ready to take on the world. As your work- out works you up,you dig into the hidden layers of adipose tissue for some extra boost of energy.

You lunge and squat with a powerful ease and kick more viciously. Nothing can hold you down. The grocery bags always seem heavy to you and you race and rant as you carry them.But now you are a Hulk ready to lift the heaviest dumbbell.

With a surge in happy hormones and endorphins, you are indefatigable.

You go home and sleep over your accomplishments proudly.

The next day dawns bright and beautiful.

As you stretch your arms,you let out a shriek of untold agony. They refuse to move.

Your back is all tied in knots.

The joints creak and sore muscles ache. You are afraid to stand on your jellied legs lest you should fall down.You tweak and twist those bruised muscles to get through the day. Those insurgent muscles protest in vehemence for you have disturbed their serene slumber, their ecstatic reverie in a couch-potato existence.

What a blissful existence that was!

You curse the day the work -out bug but you.

All that desire to look svelte vanishes into thin air as you look longingly at the juicy burger and cheesy dip. Life was so easy then. You curse the Calory Counter with choicest expletives .You feel like doing away with the Fitbit. But your hard -earned money stops you from committing the sacrilege.

You fie the day you turned into a Fitness Freak.

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