Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 21st, 2020

“Your prompt for JusJoJan January 21st, 2020, is “scraggly.” Use the word “scraggly” any way you’d like”

This is a requiem to my city.

What it was some years back and what it is now!

I fail to recognise it. It is a sorry shadow of its former self.

Small quaint houses with elegant balconies and tree-lined neatly paved streets have disappeared into the realms of history. You could see the sun and stars and feel the wind. Life used to be easy and men considerate and at peace.

People were human having time to meet and greet. The tranquil strum was only broken by sounds of mirth.

And now it is a tinder- box of chalk sized houses built scraggly in squalid streets bordered by high rises touching the sky.And ironically,the high rises too have match – box sized apartments.

The tin -sized abodes have had an impact on people narrowing their thinking horizons,making them more aggressive and volatile. They cannot feel the wind, bask in the sun or romanticise with the moon and stars. It is a generation of zombies. They can neither empathise or love as all the feelings have dried leaving them arid and barren.

We can only nostalgically reminisce the days of yore and lament the good things that we have lost

Via: https://lindaghill.com/2020/01/21/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-21st-2020/

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