Thursday photo prompt: Presence #writephoto

The land undulated into endless miles merging with the distant horizon. The dried wisps of grass cavorted with tiny flowers that danced on their fragile ,thin stalks in the gentle breeze. And not a soul was in sight. The only sound was the wind whispering softly.

The path caked with dried mud enmeshed with stones led to nowhere for it traversed the entire landscape to meet the horizon. Untrodden and silent, the path looked forlorn and desolate.

And standing guard were the stony monoliths on verdant terrain jutting out into the sky. Etched with variegated inscriptions telling the tales of times of yore but now enigmatic. They hold the secrets of the past,keepers of the ancient arts that are no more. They have withstood the ravages of Time and Nature awaiting the day when their secrets would be unravelled. Their story is not ephemeral. It goes back into Time.


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