Wednesday Workout#1# 2 Jan,2020.

A couch – potato,

A life sublime,



Holding covetously to what I had,

Not striving to no more.

Watched the frenzy around,

As everyone raced to get ahead,

I disdainfully nodded my head.

As others won laurels,

I was awarded titles,

A plethora of names,

And the subject of so many


And why?

For I refused to comply.

I chose to tread on my own path,

It lead me nowhere,

But I still walked along.

I shed no sweat or blood,

I procrastinated and slumbered,

For I was ordained to not to lumber.

I loved my life of ease,

For there was none to please.

It was not easy to shun the rat – race,

It needs so much courage.

But none saw that.

But I am what I am,

A couch -potato,

Happily cocooned.

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