What it means when your birthday comes.

You wake up all charged up gearing up for new horizons,looking forward to what you want more in life.

You look back with nostalgia at the years behind you.

A smile on your lips and eyes watery, you reminisce the days gone by.

Just for a day maybe, all the turmoil, grief and misery has gone into an oblivion. You want to be happy to celebrate your life.

And then you wonder how the time just flew by. Your mind is still fresh with the memories of another day when you were so young and naively innocent believing in the good of life,so credulous and trusting.

You loved and believed implicitly in the people around you. You took life for granted for there was a lifetime ahead of you.

But the wheels of time turned and turned you around.

Buffeted and splashed against the cobbled shores of life, you are now weathered and seasoned.

But still in a tiny crevice in the abyss of your heart hidden from prying eyes lives that young soul that does not want to grow up.

You stand holding a cache of memories of a lifetime,standing at the cusp where the numbers of life in hand have lessened. You don’t know what lies ahead.

You are afraid but you want to celebrate what you have.

If Tomorrow comes,it will be another day.

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