A quest (a Haibun)

She sat on the long wooden bench watching the people walking by. The doctors hurried to their OPD rooms in stiff shirts,the nurses masked and gloved in crisp uniforms hovering by. And the patients of all ages just watching stoic and maudlin. The aroma of the tantalising coffee from the kiosk mingled with the septic smell just creating an anonymous hybrid that hung in the air resonating with a cacophany of stifled voices and pattering steps.The diaspora of humanity vast but united in their common quest.

They seek redemption from pain and suffering.

Hope that often ebbed,

Fear of the baleful unknown,
A tenacious fight.

2 thoughts on “A quest (a Haibun)”

  1. Very well described the hospital feeling. It makes me restless just to think about it…having spent so much time in there for years! Hope is dearly clung to while despair is also abundant….the tense faces, the relaxed muscles, occasionally happy faces, and in the midst of it all the contant fight to restore health…..but the whole environment gets on the nerve!

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