What do you see? April 9/2019 (The circle of life- a Haibun)

The rolling verdant expanses offer an infinite panorama of life. The valley is lush with dancing blossoms. They are imbued with warm colours of Mother Nature. Tall pines soar high majestically paying an obeisance to the blue skies. The denizens of the blue canopy above traverse down to lend their colours to the world below. The valleys capped by mighty mountains touching the skies are no longer brown but a misty,serene cerulean hue.

The gentle love that pervades the air is infused into the people of the valley. They have joined hands to draw an infinite circle.Their castes,creed,status and colour merge into a luminous microcosm.

The hoary sun shines not from above but from the rolling valleys. The flaming ball shines bright suffused with love and no longer fiery.

And Mother Nature smiles.

A utopia,

Nature is a hard teacher,

So It will happen.

Via: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/51437714/posts/2236532839


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